In Memory of Brenda Perkins


Brenda Perkins was the first face most people saw as they came into the Washington, D.C., offices of the U.S. Grains Council and the National Corn Growers Association, greeting visitors with a welcome, smile and maybe a joke or bit of advice.

A loyal employee of the Council for 10 years, she was loved for her wit, her sincerity and her warmth.

Brenda passed away April 9, 2016, at the age of 61, and will be sorely missed by colleagues and members as well as her family and friends.

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The service for Perkins will be held on Monday, April 18 at the Fort Foote Baptist Church. There will be a viewing from 10-11 a.m. A service will be held at 11:00 a.m. with a repast immediately following.

The church is located at:

Fort Foote Baptist Church
8310 Fort Foote Road
Fort Washington, MD 20744


I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of Brenda. Please accept my condolences and may my prayers help comfort you.

- Ana Livia Guerra

Brenda and I worked together in the DC office in 2005/2006 during her first year at the Council. Lunch time with Brenda was always entertaining; full of jokes and laughs. She was one of those people that leave an impact on your life and a person that I will always remember, despite the short amount of time we spent working together. Upon returning to work for the Council ten years later one of the things I was most excited about was the chance to catch up with Brenda and she was one of the first people I called when I arrived to the Mexico office. I am shocked and very saddened to hear this news, and this is coming from a person that had not seen Brenda in ten years. I can only imagine the loss felt by her familiy and co-workers that saw her every day. She was such a special, unique person and will be missed very much. Rest In Peace Brenda.

- Ryan LeGrand

Each time I've needed to call the Council over the past ten years, I've dialed the number with a smile because I knew I would hear Brenda's voice answer the phone. She had a warmth and an upbeat personality that always made me feel good. We never had the chance for an extended visit, and yet I felt she knew me and was a friend. She was also unfailingly helpful, knowledgeable, and a great asset to the Council.

I am deeply grieved to learn we have lost someone who was so special.

- Edith Munro

Brenda, aka Beeps, aka Miss B was the first face I saw every morning when I showed up at the NCGA/USGC offices. She always welcomed you with an ear to ear smile and a compliment, even if she was tied up on the phones. I will miss seeing her smile, hearing her laugh, and our conversations about the Cowboys and our mutual disdain for Jerry Jones. Brenda was truly one of a kind. I'll miss you!

- ethan mathews

Brenda; You were a favorite of mine. A great face of the Council with that friendly voice, you always made me feel welcome and would help me out in any way I asked. I remember you telling of your bowling buddies and the fun you had. I will miss you. Jim Broten Past Chair

- Jim Broten

The best way for me to share my thoughts on Brenda is to share my comments when just this past February Brenda reached her 10 year anniversary with the Council. Below is the internal memo I sent out commemorating the occasion. I feel exactly the same way now. . .

Buckle your seat belts coarse grains fans, this one is, as they say now in the U.S., Yuuuuge (huge). Tomorrow, February 11, marks the work anniversary of the voice and face of the U.S. Grains Council, Brenda Perkins, a.k.a.: Ms. B, Beeps and The Hammer.
Brenda a lifelong Washington, DC resident and lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan (yes, this is a hard one to figure out, I’ve given up trying), has graced the Council for ten, 10, years tomorrow! Wow!

You all have certainly had the pleasure of calling or walking into the DC headquarters and have been greeted by Brenda’s warmth, I call it “the silk”. This is so important in today’s age of robotic calls, answering machines and sterile DC offices. Brenda is the first point of contact with our customers, colleagues and constituents who call on the USGC/Washington office. Brenda’s welcome epitomizes our brand values of professionalism, mutual respect and trust. The warmth and friendship Brenda exudes makes people feel welcome and important. This is so special to our mission .

However, I must say, I will call in and try to trick Brenda by trying to order some corn, sorghum or barley. She catches on to this ruse way too quickly, and then you should hear the run-around I get!

Seriously, Brenda has always given more than just her welcoming presence. She is helps both USGC and NCGA/Washington function better and function efficiently. More so, Brenda is a friend, confidant and advisor to the staff who all love her so (just ask Andrew and the counseling he gets on his beard).

Also, Brenda is the Monday morning entertainment provider, the nature of which varies greatly whether the Cowboys win or lose.

Simply put, Brenda brightens every day I work for USGC.

Reach out to Brenda tomorrow and congratulate her on 10 years.

- Anonymous

I'm shocked, and so sad to hear the news of the loss of Miss B. She had a kind heart, warm smile, and an incredible ability to make you feel on top of the world, even on your worst days. There are too many fond memories, too many times she'd bail me out of a jam, or simply offer words of wisdom -- debts I will never be able to repay. There's a big hole in the USGC today.
Thinking of the family and friends of Brenda.

- Marri Carrow

Many prayers for Brenda's family. I only met her a couple of times when I was tagging along with Julius but what an impressive person that loved her job.

- Duane Aistrope

DC hosted Accountants' workshop in 2009 and that was the first time I get to meet Sister Brenda in person. I can't forget her hug. Her sweet voice when I called DC office screaming for help... The last favor she has rendered to me is to help get my Superior Donna a beautiful bouquet. She is a person who never fail those who sought help from her.

I thought I am going to receive her warmest hug again next month, but God decided to take her home a little earlier.

I guess we shall treasure our USGC family member more.

Best wishes,

- chong meng choo

Beeps was literally the first person I ever met from the Council, and I would venture to say, that's true for many people. She was always concerned for me whenever I got back from a long trip, as I constantly looked tired--usually recovering from jet lag. She always reminded me to "make sure I get enough rest". When I left for Asia, she was most concerned where I would procure my Dr. Pepper--a conundrum I still haven't really solved.

I was hoping to catch up with Brenda in a month. Times like this puts everything we do, everyday, in perspective. Never take life for granted, as everyday is a gift and cherish loved ones. I remember Brenda herself telling me those words. "Be careful out there!", she'd always tell me.

She will most assuredly be missed by many. My most sincere condolences to her family and everyone hurting from her loss.

- Kevin Roepke

We are very sorry to learn the message of the pass-away of Brenda. Brenda is always very friendly and helpful, with smiles all the way. Her pass-away is USGC’s lose.

- Clover Chang

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