DDGS User Handbook

Looking for information on how to use Distiller's Dried Grains with Solubles? The U.S. Grains Council has developed an all-inclusive guide to the use of this co-product of the ethanol industry. Learn how to incorporate it into rations, how to import the product and what its nutritional value is. You may also download the entire DDGS User Handbook by clicking here. (English - 9.7 MB) !--Or, in the eventyou only need a few of the chapters, you may download each separately below. The handbook is also available here in Chinese, Spanish, Korean and Turkish.

Documents were updated in October 2012. For updated documents, please see below. All documents are in PDF format.



Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Introduction to U.S. DDGS

Ethanol Production and Its Co-Products - Dry-Grind and Wet Milling Processes

Ethanol Production and Its Co-Products - Front-End Fractionation and Back-End Oil Extraction Technologies

Nutrient Composition and Digestibility of DDGS: Variability and In Vitro Measurement

Recommended Laboratory Analytical Procedures for DDGS

Comparison of Different Grain DDGS Sources - Nutrient Composition and Animal Performance

Physical and Chemical Characteristics of DDGS Related to Handling and Storage of DDGS

Is Color the Only or Best Indicator of DDGS Quality?

Antibiotic Use in DDGS Production

Mycotoxins in DDGS

Mycotoxin Situation with the 2011 U.S. Corn Crop and 2012 DDGS Production

Sulfur Concerns and Benefits in DDGS

Feed Safety and Other Possible Contaminants in DDGS

Use of DDGS in Beef Cattle Diets

Use of Reduced-Oil DDGS in Beef Cattle Diets

Is there a Connection Between Feeding DDGS and E. coli 0157:H7 Shedding in Beef Cattle?

Use of DDGS in Dairy Cattle Diets

Use of Reduced-Oil DDGS in Dairy Cattle Diets

Use of DDGS in Poultry Diets

Use of Reduced-Oil DDGS in Poultry Diets

Use of DDGS in Swine Diets

Use of Reduced-Oil DDGS in Swine Diets

Managing Pork Fat Quality When Feeding High Amounts of DDGS to Growing-Finishing Pigs

Use of Enzymes in DDGS Diets for Poultry and Swine

Use of DDGS in Aquaculture Diets

Use of DDGS in Sheep and Goat Diets

Use of DDGS in Horse and Companion Animal Diets

Impact of Diet Formulation Methods and Tools on Assessing Value of DDGS

Factors that Affect DDGS Pricing and Transportation Logistics

Summary of U.S. Grains Council Sponsored International Feeding Trials

Frequently Asked Questions about DDGS

U.S. Suppliers of Distiller's Dried Grains with Solubles

Glossary of Terms

Website Links

Key Review Articles and Additional Reading

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