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US Barley Health Claim Gaining Ground in Japan

barley missionIn an important win for U.S. barley producers, Japan has indicated that in the next year it will allow heart healthy labeling of food products containing high beta-glucan barley. U.S. research findings have documented heart-healthy attributes of high beta-glucan barley -- such as reduced cholesterol and lowering the risk of coronary heart disease -- and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has recognized these claims since 2006.


US Corn Exports to Middle East and North Africa Continue Upward Trend

corn earAfter two consecutive years of low market share for U.S. corn exports to the Middle East and North Africa, the 2013-14 marketing year has seen a sharp rebound in U.S. corn sales and shipments to the region. From the beginning of the marketing year through April 10, outstanding sales and accumulated exports of U.S. corn to North Africa and the Middle East are more than 2.8 million metric tons (110 million bushels), up from 204,500 tons (8 million bushels) the previous year over the same time period.


A Proven Partnership: Why MAP, FMD and the Farm Bill Matter

With the Farm Bill passed and the Market Access Program (MAP) and Foreign Market Development program (FMD) reauthorized at current levels, we pause to remember why the proven partnership between USDA and the U.S. Grains Council is so important.

The United States is not the world's leading agricultural exporter by accident. We start with the world's most innovative and productive farmers. We also enjoy a durable national commitment to the reduction of trade barriers -- and, last but not least, cooperation across all sectors of the value chain and between the private sector and government to develop, expand, and defend markets for U.S. products around the world.


Quality Counts: USGC Rolls Out Export Report in Mexico

export cargo report rollout"It is important for our customers to know and understand just what happened throughout the crop year," said Deb Keller, U.S. Grains Council at-large director. "And being there, meeting face-to-face with our end-users, engaging in year-long conversations, keeps us part of the game."

Last week, USGC representatives traveled throughout Mexico to present the findings of the Council's 2013/2014 Corn Export Cargo Quality Report to importers and end-users.


Carrow Named Regional Director of the Western Hemisphere

Marri Carrow -webThe U.S. Grains Council is pleased to announce the promotion of Marri Carrow to USGC Regional Director of the Western Hemisphere, based in Panama.

"Since joining the Council in 2008, Marri has been intricately involved in our international and domestic communications initiatives," said USGC President and CEO Tom Sleight. "As a director of communications, Marri has enhanced our communications efforts by successfully integrating them with other stakeholders efforts."


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