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Korean Sales Rebound (Again)

korea-corn-smallBy: Byong Ryol Min, U.S. Grains Council Director in Korea
U.S. corn exports have staged a dramatic comeback in South Korea, driven by the record 2013 U.S. corn crop. Korean calendar year figures through March 31 show the United States with sales of 2.5 million tons (100 million bushels) for a market share of 48 percent, up from just 3.6 percent for the entire 2012/2013 marketing year, Sept. 1, 2012, to Aug. 31, 2013. Black Sea and South American producers trail with a 19 and 17 percent market share, respectively.


Food for Progress Program: Progressing Forward

tanzania ffpBy: Anne Zaczek, U.S. Grains Council Manager of Global Development Programs

With its large and rapidly growing populations and enormous resource base, sub-Saharan Africa is commanding renewed attention. While it doesn't command the headlines garnered by the dramatic economic success stories in China, India, Brazil, and elsewhere, U.S. agricultural exports to sub-Saharan Africa have quietly increased by over 200 percent in the last decade. Bilateral agricultural trade between the region and the United States is now approaching $5 billion. At the same time, a new generation of leadership in several African countries shows promise of learning from the wrong turns of the post-independence era and charting a more successful course in the future.


US Sorghum to China: On a Roll

Sorghum Exports though March 6By: Alvaro Cordero, U.S. Grains Council Manager of Global Trade

U.S. sorghum sales to China have made a splash in the current 2013/2014 marketing year that began Sept. 1, 2013. Combined exports and outstanding sales are up from zero last marketing year to more than 2.2 million metric tons (87 million bushels) this marketing year through March 6 according to USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.


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