Market Snapshot

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Coarse Grain S&D

  • Second largest market for U.S. corn.
  • Number one market for U.S. sorghum.
  • Fourth largest producer and consumer of corn in the world.
  • Corn and sorghum use rapidly increasing, up 15% from 2001.
  • Feed demand is driving overall grain and co-product demand.

Market Overview

  • Population: 113.7 million
  • Population growth rate: 1.102%
  • GDP growth: 5.5%
  • GDP per capita: $13,900
  • 28.2% of population is under the age of 15.
  • Largest market for U.S. sorghum and 2nd largest market for U.S. corn.
  • Political climate is volatile.

Market Growth Potential

  • Dairy, swine and poultry sectors growing at 3% annually.
  • Little market penetration for DDGS in the medium and small size livestock and poultry sectors.

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