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Coarse Grain S&D

  • Feed Sector currently uses 95 percent of imported feed grains.
  • Feed grain imports in 2011 dipped slightly, but remained above 4.0 mmt with 66 percent U.S market share.
  • DDGS imports continue to increase, gaining 32% over the previous year (145 tmt).

Market Overview

  • Population of 23.1 million with very small population growth (0.19%) Robust economy for a small population (GDP of $430.6 billion, 19th largest in the the world).
  • Very high GDP growth at 10.8%
  • Very small country, roughly the size of Maryland plus Delaware.
  • Second most densely populated nation in the world (640 people per sq-km).
  • High per capita purchasing power ($35,700).
  • U.S. and China are largest trading partners, China is largest export destination for Taiwanese products (about 45% in 2010).

Market Growth Potential

  • Stagnant population growth and aging.
  • Population growth near replacement level and falling.
  • By 2025 persons over the age of 65 will make up 20% of the population.
  • Will always be a net importer of food/agricultural products.
  • Farm land competing with housing.
  • WTO membership has increased competition.
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