FOB Contracting Seminars in Morocco Tout Win-Win Message for U.S., Overseas Buyers

As the agricultural trade industry sees more exporters entering the picture, the U.S. Grains Council is working to ensure U.S. corn, barley, sorghum and their co-products remain competitive. Last week, USGC Manager of International Operations Alvaro Cordero accompanied USGC Consultant Jose Alvarado to Morocco for training sessions with Moroccan and Algerian traders on Free on Board (FOB) contracting. 

Morocco Tenders 7,000 Metric Tons of US Sorghum

As a direct result of U.S. Grains Council programs, 7,000 metric tons (276,000 bushels) of U.S. sorghum was tendered to Morocco last week for mid-March delivery. Special checkoff funds from Council member United Sorghum Checkoff Program allowed staff from CasaGrains, the Moroccan poultry feed mill and production facility that tendered the sorghum, to travel to the United States and Mexico last November to view U.S. sorghum production and use firsthand.

Morocco Tariff Cuts Create Opportunity for US Corn

The U.S., Morocco Free Trade Agreement (FTA), signed in June 2004, has provided the United States a significant market advantage with its recent tariff reduction of U.S. corn. As of June 1, 2009, the government reinstated tariffs on corn imports with U.S. origin a 7 percent tariff and a 17 percent tariff for other origins. Chris Corry, USGC senior director of international operations, said, “As of Jan. 1, 2010, the Moroccan government has reduced the tariff for corn of U.S.


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