Export Ports Serve As Hub For International Grain Trade

Every bushel of U.S. corn, sorghum and barley moving to overseas markets passes thorugh a U.S. export port, a system known worldwide for its efficiency and certification procedures.

The vast majority of this grain bound for international markets is sold in large volume bulk cargo loads. Smaller orders sometimes go out through containers, often through West Coast ports.

New Nutrient Labeling Framework has Implications for Food Barley in Japan

By: Tommy Hamamoto, U.S. Grains Council Director in Japan

Beginning April 1, 2015, the Consumer Affairs Agency (CAA) in Japan will be launching a new food labeling framework for foods with health functions. This new framework will allow for foods containing a functional nutrient to be advertised as such on their labels. Beta-glucan, which is contained in some U.S. barley varieties, is a nutrient that falls into this category as a substance lowering blood sugar level, also known as glycemic index.

USCG Grain Export Mission Wraps Up Successfully

Grain Export Mission

Two groups of farmers recently experienced a unique opportunity to see both a U.S. grain customer country and competitor market country during the U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC) Grain Export Mission (GEM), held Nov. 30 to Dec. 13.

One group composed of U.S. barley and sorghum producers traveled to Mexico and Argentina, where they met with contacts looking to expand their businesses in part by using U.S. grains.

Grain Mission Participants Examine Markets in Customer, Competitor Countries

Grain Export Mission

Farmers currently participating in the U.S. Grains Council’s (USGC) Grain Export Mission (GEM) are taking part in a unique opportunity to see the global market in which they work from the eyes of both customers and competitors.

Two groups of mission participants departed early this week for South America, each visiting a competitor country and a U.S. customer country. GEM participants are observing local conditions, trade opportunities and constraints, as well as sharing with foreign contacts insights about producing coarse grains in the United States.

Latin America’s Barley Sector Builds Ties with U.S. Producers and Exporters


By: Javier Chavez, U.S. Grains Council Marketing Specialist in Mexico

Latin America’s primary use of barley is in the brewing sector, either as malt or malting barley. To strengthen this growing sector’s ties with U.S. barley producers and malt exporters, the U.S. Grains Council recently escorted two teams from Latin America and Mexico to key U.S. barley growing areas including Colorado, Montana and North Dakota.

Showcasing U.S. Barley to the Japanese Food Barley Buyers and End-Users

Japanese Barley team 1

By: Tommy Hamamoto, U.S. Grains Council Director in Japan
Japan is an important market for U.S. food barley, which is used in tea, liquor and cereal. In 2013, Japan nearly doubled imports of U.S. barley for food compared to 2012, in part due to promotional efforts by the U.S. Grains Council. In support of this effort, the Council hosted a Japanese food barley team composed of key buyers and end-users to the U.S. barley belt from July 29 to Aug. 6.


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