China DDGS Situation Update: Impacts in Other Markets

China DDGS

China’s new inspection and permit regime for U.S. distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) has created increased interest for DDGS in other markets around the world. Contracts continue to be written and DDGS continue to be shipped to China. However, with the new uncertainty and disruption in trade with China, bargain hunters elsewhere are sensing opportunity.

Helping US Suppliers Connect With the Taiwanese Markets

Taiwan Letter of Intent

By: Clover Chang, U.S. Grains Council Director in Taiwan

Aware that global markets are critical to the prosperity of U.S. agriculture, trade teams from the United States generally are trying to build relations in key export markets. And those teams rely on the U.S. Grains Council’s boots on the ground effort to help arrange their schedule.

Taiwan GM Labeling: Update

By: Clover Chang, U.S. Grains Council Director in Taiwan

Taiwan continues to develop regulations to implement the January 2014 amendments to its Food Sanitation Law. The proposed regulations include provisions requiring registration, labeling and traceability for food products containing ingredients derived from genetically modified (GM) crops.

One key issue has been the threshold level for GM labeling, with some advocates calling for adoption of the Japanese standard of 5 percent, while others call for adoption of the EU’s trade-inhibiting 0.9 percent standard.

Educating Asian Swine Industry to Increase Demand for US Grains

Chinese Swine Team

The expansion of livestock production in feed-deficient countries is the biggest driver of growth in the coarse grain trade. In both China and Taiwan the U.S. Grains Council has hosted numerous swine programs to increase swine producers’ technical knowledge. These countries have seen expansion and/or upgrades in farming efficiency in their pork industries.

This week, the Council sponsored two international teams, from China and Taiwan, to attend the World Pork Expo as well as to complete several different short courses about new advances in U.S. swine production.

Corn Export Quality Report a Touchstone for Buyers

Corn Export Quality Report Roll-Out

In only their third year, the U.S. Grains Council's dual corn quality reports -- the first measuring quality at harvest; the second, at export -- have become key reference points for foreign buyers and end-users in key markets around the world. This week, Alvaro Cordero, USGC manager of global trade, shared the Export Cargo Quality Report with appreciative audiences in Japan and Taiwan.

Questioning was vigorous, as buyers acknowledged the generally satisfactory quality of the U.S. crop but honed in on differences between the 2012 and 2013 crops, as well as qualitative changes due to handling since harvest.

Becoming Tomorrow’s Star: Ready-to-eat Barley-Rice in Taiwan

Barley Rice
By: Clover Chang, U.S. Grains Council Director in Taiwan

According to USDA FAS, Taiwan's outstanding sales and accumulated exports of U.S. barley as of April 17 have increased almost 174 percent this marketing year (June1-May 31), over the same period last year. One promising use of U.S. barley in Taiwan is in food products. U.S. barley has been gaining popularity in Taiwan since U.S. research discovered – and the U.S. Grains Council began promoting – the health benefits of high beta-glucan U.S. barley, which has heart-healthy properties, including reduced cholesterol. As the Taiwanese general public continues to grow more health conscious, this increase in imports will likely continue and drive future market growth.

Taiwanese Goodwill Mission Reinforces Historic Ties

Taiwan Goodwill

In a year when U.S. exports faced challenges following drought-reduced 2012 crops, the U.S. Grains Council worked hard to maintain relationships built over many years. Among the most important of our historic trading partners is Taiwan. While the short U.S. crop in 2012 forced Taiwan to diversify its supply, many buyers in Taiwan continued to express a preference for U.S. corn once a more normal supply and price situation returned.


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