Good for the Heart: High-Beta Glucan Barley Promotion in Taiwan

Good for the Heart: High-Beta Glucan Barley Promotion in Taiwan

By: Clover Chang, U.S. Grains Council Director in Taiwan

With a stable but rapidly aging population in Taiwan, healthy living is becoming increasingly important. This creates an opportunity for U.S. barley because according to U.S. research, beta-glucan found in U.S. barley has heart healthy properties, such as reducing cholesterol.

Sharing the 2013/14 US Corn Quality Report’s Findings Overseas

Corn Quality Rollout

The U.S. Grains Council recently released its 2013/2014 U.S. Corn Harvest Quality Report, which is intended to provide reliable, timely and transparent information on the quality of U.S. corn at harvest. This is the third year the Council has generated this report and the results are highly anticipated by overseas customers. The Council has begun conveying the report's findings of record production, high quality and minor weather-related impacts, to overseas audiences, starting in Taiwan and Korea.

Buyers Back to the US; Some for First Purchases in Over a Year

Lower oilseed and grain prices have prompted a bevy of overseas buying. Corn prices have fallen to a three year low, amidst huge and better than expected harvest reports. Last week, the USDA reported net corn sales of 1.3 million metric tons (51.2 million bushels) and more than a quarter million tons (9.8 million bushels) of new sorghum sales. The bulk of the new sales are destined for unknown destinations, accounting for 428,000 tons (16.8 million bushels) of corn and almost 176,000 tons (6.9 million bushels) of sorghum.

Taiwan Delegation Learns of “Team 20”


By Kevin Roepke, USGC manager of global trade

Taiwan in recent years has paid one of the largest premiums for U.S. corn in the world. While the 2012 drought and U.S. short crop suppressed exports to Taiwan in the past year, this kind of long-term support and loyalty  is appreciated, which is why the U.S. Grains Council hosted a delegation of more than 20 members of the Taiwanese agricultural sector this week. The Taiwanese team included some of the largest corn buyers in the world, world-class academics, government officials and USGC Director in Taiwan Clover Chang.

Taiwanese Promise to Purchase $4 Billion in US Ag Products Within the Next Two Years


The Taiwanese Agricultural Goodwill Mission signed a letter of intent on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 2013, with the U.S. Grains Council, committing to purchase 5 million metric tons (197 million bushels) of U.S. corn in 2014 and 2015. In addition, 0.5 million tons of distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) will be included in the memorandum.

USGC Taiwan Celebrates 40th Anniversary

USGC Taiwan Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Sitting in an office in Washington, D.C., or in a combine in Nebraska, it can be difficult to grasp the impact of an office and a staff halfway around the world that has been on the job for U.S. coarse grains and co-products producers for 40 years. The U.S. Grains Council, however, recently had the chance to recognize just such contribution as the Council's Taiwan office reaching this milestone.

DDGS to Taiwan: Probing for Growth

Taiwan DDGS

By Clover Chang, U.S. Grains Council Director in Taiwan

Although distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS) is well established in Taiwan, there is still room for growth. The Taiwanese feed sector currently undervalues the advantages of utilizing DDGS for reasons including the cost of storage due to limited storage capacity. But these considerations may be offset by outreach and buyer education on the advantages of the U.S. ethanol co-product.

Taiwan Remains a Reliable US Grain Customer

Taiwan Remains a Reliable US Grain Customer

Echoing sentiments expressed last fall at the U.S. Grains Council's Export Exchange 2012, the Taiwanese feed industry reaffirmed their preference for U.S. corn during meetings held in Taiwan late last month. Kimberly Karst, USGC director of global programs, traveled to the country as part of the Council's "Year of Trade Servicing," to meet with long-time partners and colleagues in the feed and livestock industry.

USGC Annual Meeting: An Eye on a Changing International Political Scene


What do the United States, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China have in common?

If you said "a U.S. Grains Council office," go to the head of the class!

But this year featured another important common denominator. In 2012, all of these countries engaged in leadership contests – hotly contested national elections in the United State, Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and South Korea, and a once-in-a-decade leadership transition in China.


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