Corn Progress Reports

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) indicates 86 percent of the corn crop was planted by May 22nd, which is 1 percent higher than the five-year average. The states included in the report accounted for 93 percent of the total U.S. corn crop in 2015. 

As of May 22nd, Illinois (89 percent), Missouri (97 percent) and Tennessee (97 percent) led the United States in terms of greatest percentage of corn planted. Iowa is 4 percent ahead of its five-year average, as are Kentucky (4 percent), and North Dakota (24 percent). Texas is 12 percent behind its five-year average, as are Michigan (7 percent) and Nebraska (3 percent). These results are attributed to unseasonably cold weather in the northern states. 

The USDA estimates that by May 22nd, 60 percent of the total corn crop had emerged, which is 5 percent higher than the five-year average.        

Emergence in Illinois is 9 percent more advanced than 2015 records, as well as Kansas (60 percent in 2015 versus 61 percent in 2016) and Kentucky (59 percent in 2015 versus 71 percent in 2016). Texas is 14 percent behind 2015 reports and seems to be the only state with significantly less emergence than the previous year.   

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