Outreach Efforts Help U.S. Feed Grains Regain Market Share In Taiwan


Through its customer servicing program, the U.S. Grains Council continues to provide timely market information to Taiwanese grain professionals that bolsters strong and increasing market share.

The Council’s efforts focus on differentiating U.S. corn from our competitors and sharing the experiences of loyal U.S. corn users with others in the local industry. The information provided includes insight on the production, supply and demand, quality, grading, inspection, shipment, applications, etc. of U.S. corn, grain sorghum, barley and their co-products. This includes participation in teams, seminars, panel discussions and meetings as well as data transmitted through publications and a local website.

The Council’s customer servicing efforts in 2016 helped increase the market share of U.S. corn from 44 percent in calendar year 2015 to 60 percent in calendar year 2016. Taiwan imported 1.82 million metric tons of U.S. corn in calendar year 2015, representing 44 percent of this market at the time. Shipments of U.S. corn increased to 2.54 million metric tons and 60 percent in calendar year 2016, an increase of 720,000 metric tons valued at $1.36 million.

The Council invested $191,000 of MAP funds in corn promotion activities in Taiwan in 2016, yielding a return on investment (ROI) of $7 for every $1 of MAP funds invested.