Advisory Team Leaders


In an effort to further encourage member participation in the U.S. Grains Council's export market development efforts, the organization has seven Advisory Teams, also known as A-Teams. These are Asia, Biotechnology, Ethanol, Middle East/Africa, Trade Policy, Value-Added Programs, and Western Hemisphere.

The U.S. Grains Council chairman appoints A-Team leaders each July following the Annual Board of Delegates Meeting.

A-Team leaders are charged with communicating the actions of their A-Teams to the Board of Directors. Each A-Team consists of representatives of the Council membership, as well as a Council Board liaison and a USGC staff liaison. A-Team members normally serve two-year terms and meet at least twice annually, plus additional times via conference call or in person as determined by each team.

The appointed leaders are as Follows:

Asia Programs

Frank Kralicek - South Dakota Corn Utilization Council


Dean Taylor - Iowa Corn Growers Association

Middle East / Africa

Phillip McCoun - Kentucky Corn Promotion Council

Trade Policy

Darren Armstrong - Corn Growers Association of North Carolina Inc.


Brian Arnold - DeLong Co., Inc.

Western Hemisphere

Bill Christ - Illinois Corn Marketing Board


Ray Defenbaugh - Big River Resources LLC