Becoming a Member - Join the U.S. Grains Council Today!

How Do I Become a Member?

For information on membership, contact the Council's Membership Department at (202) 789-0789.

Our mailing address is:

U.S. Grains Council
20 F Street, NW Suite 600
Washington, DC 20001

or Download the Membership Application, once completed email to or fax to

Requirements for membership include:

  • Agreement and adherence to Council's rules and standards
  • Organizations, not individuals
  • Payment of annual dues
  • Approval by Board of Directors following submission of membership application
  • Finally, your organization must have an interest in Developing Markets, Enabling Trade and Improving Lives!

Why Become A Member?

Council membership provides a variety of benefits:

  • Access to strategic market information and market intelligence from our international offices.
  • Council members receive periodic updates on developments in international markets, Council monthly management reports and foreign buyer contact lists.
  • Assist in the direction of Council programs and the development of export markets through participation in advisory teams and Council activities.
  • Member promotion showcases the quality, reliability and consistency of the U.S. grain trade to foreign buyers.
  • Educating foreign customers about its members' goods and services through its web site, publications, trade teams, workshops and team visits to the United States help create lasting partnerships in the foreign marketplace.
  • Development and facilitation of partnering activities, where the Council and its members each contribute components to advance a strategic market development.
  • Leadership opportunities. The Council brings together key agribusiness and checkoff leaders to establish domestic business alliances and increase their domestic visibility by being active players at Council membership meetings.
  • More U.S. grain exports! The efforts of the Council in working to increase exports means more business for the U.S. producers and agribusinesses.

Introduction to the Council

Who Are U.S. Grains Council Members?

USGC membership is comprised of over 140 organizations, including state checkoff boards, agribusinesses, and producer groups, who together form a unique partnership with the goal of building global markets for U.S. grains. For more information about our members, see the membership directory.

Advisory Teams

About Advisory Teams

Member Publications

  • Market Perspectives - a weekly publication that offers readers information about current coarse grain markets including price, weather and freight information for buying U.S. grains and their co-products. It is sent out via email every Friday to those requesting the publication.
  • DDGS Weekly Report - gives an update of world DDGS trade, including the latest export volumes and up-to-date information on the Council's efforts to promote DDGS around the world. The DDGS report is delivered via email on a weekly basis to those requesting the publication.
  • News Releases - Council News Releases are composed and sent when news of interest to our members is urgent and important. It is distributed via email on an occasional basis.
  • Annual Report - highlighting the previous year's successes and activities. The report captures USGC financials and market data, as well as a list of the Council's members and staff locations. The report is sent to all member delegates, media and posted online.
  • Member Advisories - members-only email to inform members of important information regarding their investments in the Council. It is sent on an as-necessary basis to delegates, alternate delegates, honorary delegates, state executives, global USGC staff and consultants and USGC communications as appropriate.
  • Global Update - a weekly newsletter published by the Council and is circulated to Council members, affiliates and members of the media. It reports on important events in global trade and developments in Council programs; gives an update on recent happenings of the Council and new features on the Council's website; and informs readers of upcoming Council events. Global Update is delivered via email every Thursday.