Staff Directory - International Headquarters

Executive Team

Tom Sleight
President and CEO
Wendie Cable
Executive Assistant
Dick Kasting
Director of Strategic Relations

Global Strategies

Kurt Shultz
Director of Global Strategies
Alvaro Cordero
Manager of Global Trade
Manager of Global Trade
Anne Zaczek
Manager of Global Development Programs
Ashley Kongs
Manager of Ethanol Export Programs
Lucas Szabo
Global Strategies Coordinator

Global Programs

Kimberly Karst Atkins
Director of Global Programs
Sunxing Qian
Manager of Trade Teams
Heidi Bringenberg
Manager of Global Programs
Global Programs Coordinator

Trade Policy and Biotechnology

Floyd Gaibler
Director of Trade Policy and Biotechnology
Andrew Conner
Manager of Global Biotechnology


Melissa Kessler
Director of Communications
Katelyn Parsons
Manager of Communications


Lyndsey Erb-Sharkey
Director of Industry Relations
Valerie Smiley
Manager of Membership Administration
Membership and Communications Coordinator

Finance & Administration

Helen Elmore
Director Finance, Administration
Donna Braswell
Manager of Overseas Accounting
Jon Weiss
Manager of Domestic Accounting
Mevis Clark
Accounting Coordinator
Junior Accounting Assistant
Yeshake "Isaac" Belete
IT service support specialist

Grains Foundation

Outside Legal Counsel