China Office - Bejing
China World Office 1
Suite 1010C
No. 1 Jianguomenwai Ave.
Beijing 100004 China

The USGC China office is located in Beijing. Operational for more than 30 years, the office is focused on collaborating with partners including private industry, state owned enterprises, and government agencies. Due to its investment and reputation, built over three decades of relationship building, the Council is able to leverage its personal capital and expertise for the advancement of Chinese food security, safety and sustainability, through trade.

Throughout the Council’s long established presence in China, it has been at the forefront of helping to lead the modernization and industrialization of the swine industry, the creation of a dairy technical training center, and countless trade servicing issues. The Council has been instrumental in the introduction of DDGS, turning China into the world’s largest importer of the ethanol co-product and is optimistic about the country’s opportunity to become one of the world’s leading feed grain importers.

Please contact international staff in the Washington office first. Washington staff will know who is available to provide the best and quickest response to your questions.