Market Profile - Mexico

Supply/Demand Basics

  • #1 importer of U.S. corn (white and yellow 13.3 MMT).
  • #2  DDGS market with imports of 1.9 MMT.
  • #1 importer of U.S. barley (116 TMT) and U.S. barley malt (285 TMT).
  • Sorghum imports rebounding to #2 importer with 424 TMT.
  • Feed industry is the main driver of demand growth for corn, sorghum and co-products.
  • Poultry, swine, dairy and beef sectors continue to grow.

Country Overview

  • Population: 127 million
  • Population growth: -1.3%
  • Urban %: 79.2%
  • Urban growth: 1.6%/yr
  • GDP: 1.14 trillion
  • GDP growth: 2.5%
  • GDP per capita: $9,005
  • Mexico is a free market economy, with recent reforms made to allow non-governmental investment in petroleum, gas, electricity and basic infrastructure. Mexi co must continue to address income and distribution gaps and security issues. Exchange rate to dollars and low oil prices complicate economic situation.

Trade and Market Share Issues

  • Total U.S. market share is 98%.
  • Mexico exported more than 1,600 TMT of white corn, due to excess supply and a large demand from South Africa, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela.
  • Significant untapped potential for DDGS remains in the ruminants sector.
  • The world’s 4th largest compound feed industry running at 85% capacity and expanding at 3.8% annually.
  • Significant opportunity for ethanol exports.

Policy Issues

  • Mexico is leading efforts at the COP-MOP (Cartagena Biosafety Protocol), concerning labeling language for GMO products and traceability documentation.
  • Mexico will address low-level presence (LLP) issue at global level.
  • NAFTA under threat under the Trump administration.
  • Energy sector reform has opened opportunity for ethanol exports to Mexico.