Taiwan Office - Taipei
Suite 1, 7 Floor
126 Songjiang Road
Zhongshan District
Taipei, Taiwan

The Council’ office in Taiwan was established on July 1, 1973. USGC/Taiwan’s technical programs have been helping livestock and poultry producers and feed millers use U.S. feed grains effectively and manage their operations efficiently. USGC/Taiwan’s trade servicing efforts help potential and current customers gain familiarity with the U.S. marketing system, including U.S. grains quality and prices. USGC/Taiwan helps enhance relationship and agricultural trade between Taiwan and the United States. USGC/Taiwan’s trade policy programs include providing with information on regulation and policy related to AgBiotech (Genetic Modified) foods, helping establish Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) of agricultural chemicals, and helping establish national standards of mycotoxins in grains and feeds. USGC/Taiwan also helps develop the markets of barley foods and corn-based Poly-lactic Acid (PLA), an environmentally friendly eco-materials.

Please contact international staff in the Washington office first. Washington staff will know who is available to provide the best and quickest response to your questions.