Planting Seeds in Future Markets

Many of the Council’s successes today are the results of efforts to lay groundwork years – even decades – ago. The Council takes prudent risks and makes judgment calls every day that are necessary to build tomorrow’s export opportunities.

Today, the Council is planting yet more seeds, led by its work in Tanzania to develop the poultry industry there with support from a USDA Food for Progress grant. This initiative was launched in early 2014 to help local feed producers and farmers provide a higher-quality product to consumers and, over the long term, build demand for coarse grains as feed.

In December, leaders from the Council traveled to Tanzania and South Africa. There, they saw the prospects for longterm growth in the Tanzania program and a potential near-term opportunity for exports to South Africa, where El Niño has created a severe drought and hurt local production.

The Council is also looking at new market opportunities in aquaculture in Southeast Asia; barley in Taiwan; sorghum in Japan; and DDGS in the Middle East and North Africa.

And, as the Trans-Pacific Partnership moves toward implementation, the Council is looking at what shifts will occur globally in grains and meat production to best position U.S. farmers and agribusinesses invested in grain.